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6 pack abs????

how do i get 6-pack abs with natural exercises at home and how long will it take to show up???what diet should i follow???


Can i have a list of exercises that can be done at home and additional exercises like fast walking for a 6-pack??

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    Hello!! Let me first say that NO amount of ab exercises will get rid of belly flab! Spot-reduction IS a MYTH!! Reason being...You need to have a low body-fat percentage (10%), in order to SEE any ab muscles! Ab exercises--ALONE, cannot burn the required amount of fat needed to get the desired "six-pack". The KEY to getting a six-pack is a balanced combination of Nutrition & Exercise...Specifically,

    LOTS of Cardio!! Running/Jogging, Taebo/Kickboxing, Sports, Aerobics, Step Aerobics, and Stair climbing are good examples of cardio. In addition, you MUST do strength training specific exercises that will target ALL three regions of the ab muscles: the Upper, Obliques (side abs), and Lower abs.

    *This is what you should do:

    1.) Do cardio for an hour a day DAILY!

    2.) Do ab (& other total body) exercises for about 30-45 minutes a day, 3-4 times a week. Best ab exercises can be seen here:


    3.) Proper nutrition will be KEY for your ability to keep your body fat low, and to rev up your metabolism...Eating 4-6 small, healthy meals a day is recommended...Eat a high protein, high fiber diet--that is also low in fat and sugar. The preferred amount of protein you should consume a day is: 56 grams...Try not to consume more than 1,700 (for a guy)calories a day, and drink 8 glasses of water a day! Follow these requirements, and you'll be well on your way to a six-pack!!

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    6 pack abs are very difficult to get for men and almost impossible for women by natural means. Problem is you need a very low percentage of body fat so abs can show below a very thin skin. But a very low percentage of body fat is quite unnatural because fat is necessary and you will be fighting against your own body to keep it low while your body tries to keep it higher. At some point you will be losing more muscle than fat because your body won't lose the battle easily.

    People with impressive abs in 99% of all cases use steroids or some other artifitial substances similar to testosterone and with a similar effect but multiplied.

    This is a double effect: It makes muscles grow and at the same time fat is burned. As steroids can be used in exaggerated overdoses, compared to testosterone which has natural limits, it is relatively easy to get all ripped. Of course at a great risk to your own health.

    For this reason most people getting awesome abs will tell you they achieved them through hard work and advanced technique, never admitting the use of steroids, which is obviously very shameful.

    Some people can get an awesome physique in a natural way because they have natural high levels of testosterone they are very rare, most of them of african ancestry. Nonetheless they could never compete vs heavy steroid users. It would be like comparing Evander Holyfield to Arnold Governator both at their best.

    A common myth is the idea that you can get ripped eating a lot of protein and exercising a lot. Quite wrong, the liver is a complex and very efficient chemical laboratory that will produce fat from pure protein when fat reserves are low.

    All this myths about getting ripped through hard natural ways and proper training have been created by an industry hungry for money and with no morality. They want to sell you magazines, books, methods, training equipment, etc with the promise that some day you will get like those impressive monsters in the muscle magazines.

    Think about this: can you remember a single case of a movie star impressively ripped before steroids were created in the 50s? You wont find any because it is very near to impossible to get like that by sheer willpower and natural hardwork.

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    You can get great abs at home. Many different exercises you can don't need weights to get rock hard abs. BUT, if you are carrying extra fat around the mid region then no matter how many crunches you do or V ups, no one will know. You have to get rid of the layer of fat first to be able to see the great abs. So do fat burning exercises (brisk walking or riding a bike) for about an hour a day... stay in the fat burning zone for 45 min. Once you lower your fat... which will come off as long as you are eating right... you will see results. Give yourself 3-4 weeks of eating right, a fat burn exercise 5 or more days a week for an hour, and 3 different ad exercises (one for upper, one for lower, and one for the sides) do 15 reps, 3 sets, twice a day, for each exercise. Abs don't need to be crazy hard exercise to make them look great. I know 3-4 weeks sounds long, but it really depends on how much extra fat you have... if you have a body fat % around 32, then it is going to be longer.

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    Depends on what shape you're in right now. You can get a 6 pack without a gym membership, garaunteed. All you need is to find a set 8-10 ab excersises and to do them 8-10 minutes a day (1 minute for each one).

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    1) Keep it simple first

    here's an article on eating healthy -

    2) Eat steam food, vegetables, fruits, lean meat

    3) drink plenty of water and green tea

    4) Avoid junk food, snacks and soda drinks

    5) have 5-6 healthy meals a day (1 plate size only) to keep the tummy satisfied

    6) exercise - combine weights and cardio. For stomach exercises look at situps, side planks.

    here's a review link to a worthwhile workout, turbulence training

    it takes time to get a 6 pack...

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    Five steps to get six-pack in 4-8 weeks.

    First thing to do:

    1. Run 2.4 or 4.8 everday = It help to burn off you fat.

    2. Swimming 1 hours per day = It can help you burn off your fat and also can help you get muscles on your arm.

    3. Do sit-up 500 per day if you cannot do so many then do about 250 per day. Do rest when you do 100 times... rest for 5 minutes. If you feel your stomach pain that it OK because it help you get the abs = six pack... do sit-up help you get your sit-up more faster!!! ( If you are overweight you should do less ).

    4. Push-up help you to burn off your arm fat and at the same time it help you to get muscles.

    5. The last one is important. You must drink a lot of water and eat more healthy food like apples. You cannot eat oily food like chicken wings, Curry chicken and more.. if you eat you won't get six-pack one.. let take an example.You swim for 1 hours it burn your body fat about 200? But if you eat chicken you will get nothing but it will add your fat... Chicken = 500 Fat but you burn 200 so 500-200=300, you will get 300 more fat go into your body. So you cannot get six-pack soon must wait for longer. If you want to get six-pack faster do the five step that I have told you... In 4 to 8 Weeks you sure will get six-pack.


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    sit up with some weight put on your chest,. before sleep and early in the morning,... diet,.? eat less before sleep.... within one or two months, intensively,.. everyday,. easy only,... GO GO....!

    no repeatations, just do it till you feel your abs stretching,..

    put the weight slowly up... from none at the first week... to the weigth that you can take at least 12 repetations at the last week (week 4)

    hopefully could see the 6 pack,..

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    Try the magnetic diet. They suggest a combination of diet, exercise and meditation. Read more about their program at:

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    For a 6pack to show you have to have less than 10% body fat so start the cardio buddy!

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    ohhhhhh dude keep dreaming.... there aint no way u can get 6 packs at home with natural exercise.... even if you can it's gonna take hell of time.... just join a gym...

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