How did you get to where you are? career wise.. i mean business professionals.?

What do you do? How do you like your job? How did you get your job? How could someone such as me land a position like yours? Do you know of any openings in this field? Has there been a time in your career that you struggled (lost had a job, had difficulty finding a job, etc.)? How did you handle it?

ps:: i am a finance major graduating at the end of hte year. thanks

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I worked my way up the corporate ladder. Then changed jobs to higher a position, then again, then again. Yes, I have had some struggles, and plateaus. Even a large break between jobs while holding out for the next big thing to come my way. I'm at a plateau right now at my current position in my current company. So, I'm looking for the next rung up at other companies. When you are in the rat race, don't forget, there is all ways something better out there. Keep your eyes and ears open. You didn't spend all that money on your education for nothing. Get out there, work hard, make a name for your self, then jump on every opportunity.

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