Is he a loser when he break-up without saying anything?

I can not believe this as he is 34 years ols...and even he used to told me that he is a play boy ( and I was so stupid as I could not control myself for not falling in this relationship with him)...but I still thought that he is at least an adult and we know what we are doing....I dont ask for any reposible so...

Man..pls tell me why you guys do this sh*t?? If you dont want to see us anymore...just say ...we know...why you guys have to run away like a loser like this?

And girls...pls teach me how to get over those f*cking loser...who you really really like.

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    Sounds like he was honest with you so Im not sure why you are complaining.

    The problem isnt him it is you. Take time to know a guy before you do anything serious with him.

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    Ok, first thing is you can control yourself and what relationships you get into. That's a cop-out and if you don't recognize these mistakes you will keep falling for losers.

    That guy is very rude and immature for not saying anything, but a lot of guys do that because they're too scared to deal with it like a man. Best thing to do is just look out for the warning signs of a jerk and don't go too fast until you know you can trust him. It seems like the signs were very clear right away, he told you he's a playboy.

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    Thank you!

    Guys don't understand that you save yourself (and the other party involved) a whole lot of trouble by just telling someone it isn't working instead of bailing like a little ***** and hoping they get over.Things end a lot smoother with answers then being left in the dark. Unfortunately there's nothing set in stone that says with age comes maturity so we will be dealing with this **** our whole lives.

    How do we get over them? Ha! We find a new guy who is everything we want and more till he does the same **** and the vicious cycle continues.

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    yes age is a matter to judge someone is he mature enough to think anot. but thinkin in a positive way he will be responsible to at least finish it off with a full stop. but if negative thinkin he will jus heck care y should i bother abt her i hav alot of gers outside. and since he is a playboy u go n think is he postive thinker or negative.

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    i think hes not a looser cause i can tell. Iv seen lots of situation like this hes just so embaraced that he cant be a real guy

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