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What percentage is considered good economic growth for a country?

is it 5% and up?


per year?...

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    Average is 5.2 percent.

    If the GDP Growth equals the Population Growth the GDP Per Capita or Income Per Capita will not change.

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    You cannot judge the rate of economic growth without looking at other things. For example, suppose you have two countries, where one has no change in the population (Germany) and one that has a large population growth (China). China should grow faster than Germany because its economy is growing due to population growth.

    Economists generally try to attribute economic growth to at least four factors -- population, human capital (education), physical capital, and technology. Looking at the growth of each of these individual factors tells a more complete story.

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    most contries try to aim for a gain of 2% per annum anything above this is a bonus but can cause resource and supply contraints, anything below this is considered bad

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