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i haven't vomited in over 3 years 0-o?

is that bad?

why.. ??


i just thought it was weird because i used to always get sick when i was younger

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    Good heavens, no! Why would you want to!

    I think vomiting is the WORST thing in the world. And if it helps, I have only ever done it about four times in my whole life. The last time was about 50 years ago. I'm now 64, and hoping never to experience that again!

    It only happens when your stomach is rejecting something you've eaten that it either can't digest because it's been overloaded, or is expelling because it's something that would harm your body and your health.


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    Generally when you eat animal products like eggs or milk or meat, certain bacteria found in animal intestines enter in your body. These bacteria are indeed good for your digestive system and make you immune to many stomach ailments. Thats the reason you were not vomiting for the past 3 years.

    But few people are allergic to this animal bacteria, for them its a major drawback when they eat dairy products. So thats the positive side.

    But friend, there are certain serious negative effects if animal bacteria enters. This could lead to stomach infections.

    So, I advice you to stick your finger deep into your throat and vomit once or twice, that would throw out this animal bacteria.

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    1 decade ago

    Quick fix:

    Have enough to drink, then get ready for a fun night. I noticed if you drink way too much you don't even get a headache the next day, you just vomit more!

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    It sure isn't bad. I haven't vomited in over 8 years....

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    1 decade ago

    Is that *bad* ? Not unless you like puking! You should celebrate in honor of that fact! I hope I NEVER puke again in my life!

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    1 decade ago

    you only vomit when you're body rejects some thing, so you are probably just healthy. why are you woried?

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