I live in W. Africa, where there are no dermatologists, and need some help with a skin condition.?

6 months ago I found a small, white patch of skin on my nose. I thought it would go away, but after 2 months I noticed the white spot was a bit bigger, but what made it more visible was that there was now a red ring around the spot. It didn't hurt to the touch, but there was a dull ache. While visiting a friend in Sweden 3 months ago, I went to a dermatologist and she told me it was sebaceous hyperplasia, but after doing research on the internet, I am sure it's not that. My spot is flat. I returned to W Africa and the past few weeks, the spots has gotten larger and I noticed that in fact it was two white spots and the red surrounding has kind of bled together. A doctor in W. Africa said it was an ingrown hair and perscribed a topical steriod. I did that for 2 weeks, but no change. I just noticed this morning 2 more white spots that look like my first spot did 6 months ago. When I pinch my nose the side with the spots feels tougher and thicker than the other side. Thx 4 help.

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    I'm not too sure if I'm right but that description makes me think of psoriasis(I've got it). If it's itchy, it might be psoriasis. Does the patch flake? I'd say try Dovate, but it's a prescription drug. *shrugs* However, Topical corticosteroids usually work.. U should seek a second opinion.. If it IS psoriasis, be prepared...

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