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Maddie Mccann's parents have they really done this???

When i first heard about missing maddie, i was 100% sure it was the parents, to me they seemed quite calm and hardly the parents of an abducted child, far from it.

As things have progressed with the case im not that 100% sure they did actually do it.

I think they are being framed by the portugeese law, something is not right, i could be wrong and so could thousands of people. The news are saying they think it was an accident with sleeping tablets so why would blood be found, now her diary has leeked to the press saying that her kids exhaust her, well im a parent of 2 young children and they exhaust me but im not going to kill them because im tired of them, i think they are at fault for leaving their kids on their own in a strange place, but im not sure about what has happened now.

I think there has been so much hype about it and its gone world wide, the portugeese police are at fault and are panicking about something.

Tell me your thoughts.

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    Only they know, but unless they confess it, I don't believe so.

  • heyder
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    ask your self Why could a doting relatives, who pass over their daughter extra advantageous than phrases, be so uncooperative and so complicated while it includes looking her. Did they circulate returned to Portugal? Nope Did they panic with worry day after immediately? No they performed Tennis Did they have the money for to hire a babysitter? Yep Any sign of compelled get admission to? Nope Did the canines come across Madeleines dna interior the vehicle? Yep Have the canines been incorrect? Nope Did Kate confess to a clergyman? sure she did.. and that they are in a position to't let us know what she mentioned right here's a query from me. I see no longer something being carried out with their 'commencing place'. there have been rumors that they have been employing donations to pay off their mortgage! I dread to think of what that undesirable little lady became placed via. She became defined because of the fact the perfect baby, yet she could cry and scream and stay wide awake at night. She screamed all the nights kate and gerry have been out and she or he even asked why her mummy did no longer come for her. No reaction. Kate even asked her relatives in the event that they could look after her the 300 and sixty 5 days previous to her disappearance. I rather think of that Kate could no longer cope. i do no longer think of she wouldve harmed Madeleine yet i think of her husband did and that's destroying her. He could carry this over her 'I did it for us' kinda element. Gerry became additionally considered taking a 'defective refrigerator' to a tip MILES far flung from the motel, almost immediately in the previous Maddie 'disappeared'. while police have been given a tip that Maddie could be interior the north of the island, Kate rings them and says she had a dream that Maddie became interior the SOUTH of the island. Hmm... merely to stir issues up, the peodophile in the back of the Holly Greig case became staying on the element of the Mccanns.. the two way she weren't abducted. Police canines do no longer lie.

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    I can't believe all the hype surrounding her disapperance. The parents somehow managed to pull off the coup of the century by having famous people go on international tv begging the captors to return Maddie.

    Now the focus has shifted to the parents themselves. This is bad if it is revealed that the parents had something to do with her disapperance.

    It's going to be a long drawn out saga with an unhappy ending no matter which way we look at it.

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    when i first started following the maddie story, i felt soooo sorry for the parents and for poor maddie, i honestly couldnt imagine what they were going through, the guilt they would have for the rest of their days, knowing that they left their babies alone to go out for a meal, is beyond words, careless!

    Now as new evidence has come to light im in two minds, i mean if it comes out that they did kill maddie then i wont be surprised, this is happened many times before, look at the soham murder's, that caretaker was so sorry looking i didnt think for one minute it was anything to do with him along with his girlfriend and also the kids teacher,

    why did maddie's mum take cuddle cat to work, if its maddies favourite toy?

    why did she wash cuddle cat the day after she supossedly dissapeared?

    all of it is making me feel pretty uneasy, i do hope there isnt any truth init and maddie is found well with a foreign couple somewhere, but to me in my mind now the parents definately look suspicious

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    The authorities are being pressed hard to solve this crime/mystery of what happened to little Maddie. I take that in consideration, but I also feel like to make a bold accusation, they have to have to make some pretty hard evidence. When taking someone to trial, prosecutors want to get it right the first time and they want as much evidence as possible, preferably forensic evidence. I hope they didn't, but wouldn't be surprised.

  • Kc
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    I don't know.

    Any answer would be pure speculation.

    What we need to happen is to find Madeleine, Alive.... or dead.

    I keep praying that she is safe and sound and only has been kidnapped by a childless couple, even if it might be wishful thinking.

    But the best is to just wait and prey.

    Whatelse can one do? Of course, keep looking for her and hope that the police, Portuguese and British are doing their job properly.

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    The saddest thing of all to me is what if they are really innocent? To lose their child then be accused of the crime has to be heartbreaking beyond anything possibly imaginable. That would be hell on earth. I work for two professional people who have double PHDs. and no common sense. They have gone to a hotel and left their two small sons alone in the hotel room with walkie talkies. That doesn't stop them from opening the door to strangers if one should come knocking.

  • Anonymous
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    If they didn't do it -they should still be arrested for ignorance and child neglect! Who the hell leaves a baby and a toddler in a hotel room alone? I don't care if you check up on them every 2mins - I wouldn't let those kids out of my sight for a second! Why couldn't they buy the food and bring it back to the room or order room service ---that is such bullsh@t

    *Honestly, for that reason alone I wouldn't be surprised if they accidently killed her and covered it up.

    Source(s): *Edit -i don't feel sorry for ignorant people -especially ones that are doctors! That makes them even more accountable in my eyes. I only care about that girl, I pray they find her and she is safe.
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    I don't know enough about the case to comment on it. I switch off and find the news unsettling at times. I take not much notice of it

  • Sal*UK
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    Well, as nothing we are reading in the press is known as a fact, then I'm keeping an open mind. Its all speculation and heresay at this stage.

  • Anonymous
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    They are guilty of neglect- thats for sure,leaving 3 kids under 5 alone is asking for trouble.

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