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weight training help?

Im 17 year old male, i currently do weight training and have been for afew months. I am not seeing any results.

I do not have much all round muscle on my body, i am sorta skinny but i have fat on me.

When i train, i have a glass of milk for protein, but i dont know if this is enough. What should i do? i was thinking to take a musashi muscle building supplement, but im not sure. I want to increase my muscle on my body, and lose some of the flab that i have also. What do you think?

Thank you!!!

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    Workout 4-5 days a week using this cycle (Mix in Abs any day that you have time). You should workout about an hour each day (that includes like 5-8 minutes of good cardio beforehand to get ur heartbeat up. At the end of each workout, your muscles should be at "Failure", which means they cannot move basically. Here we go:

    Day 1: Legs (Do legs first for sure..this will increase you "pumps" in the other day's exercises)

    Day 2: Chest

    Day 3: Shoulders

    Day 4: Arms

    Day 5: Back

    This way, you give each muscle group time to rebuild before working it again. Workout hard...seriously. Start with lighter weights to get warmed up, then make it hard. You should barely be able to do the 8th or 10th rep. The junk about lighter weights for longer times is garbage. If you want muscle mass, you have to tear that muscle tissue big time. Record how much weight you can do in each exercise so that you can increase them gradually to continuously tear your muscle fibers.

    Once you get a grasp of a good workout, you should take supplements. Protein for sure. GNC has this stuff called "MASS XXX" (link below) that gives you like 70 grams of protein when taken with 2% milk. At 17, i wouldn't take much more. But you can add Creatine, L-Glutemine, Nitric-Oxide, and multi-vitamins later on (once u know what they are and are comfortable with them).

    Do this and i guarantee you'll build muscle mass. GOOD LUCK!

    OH! and to lose weight..just add cardio to the mix. And a good diet (go to bodybuilding.com like that girl said...great site)

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    That flab that you're talking about will be hard to go away with weight training. You need cardio in your routine to slim down over all. As you build muscle though, you'll be able to burn more fat so keep doing both. I suggest running/biking/swimming Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. And then do your weight training routine on Tuesday and Thursday. With the weekend off to chill.

    The way you do your weight training will also make a difference? Are you taking a class at school or are you just doing it on your own? Using a variety of different exercises will help. Train certain areas of your body at one time keeping your focus on one muscle group. And then do a different one another day.

    You need to drink plenty of water and eat protein. Chicken and other lean meats are good. Much better than the so called protein you'd find in a McDs burger. As you weight train and work out you will need carbohydrates as well. You body needs energy to burn fat and increase muscle. The trick is to eat good carbs. Stay away from white breads and white rice. They turn to sugar and have little nutrients. Whole grain breads and pastas are good.

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    In quick, sure, weight coaching will aid in wasting bodyfat. Intense weight coaching classes with slight to heavy weights will aid carry the metabolism for the duration of the day. Furthermore, further energy are expended because the frame recovers itself. Also, if you are in a position to truthfully attain lean muscle groups, that is extra energy the frame ought to use every day simply to keep that muscle. If reducing the bodyfat percent is the target, a mixture of force coaching, prime depth aerobic and healthful sufficient nutrition balanced in all macronutrients is perfect. If you are new to the weights, begin gradual doing complete frame exercises 3 days every week. For each and every weights day do unique sporting activities, focusing mainly on compound pursuits normally at the unfastened weights and perfecting type. Compound pursuits, or sporting activities using a couple of joint, must be the primary pastime you do after a well 10 minute warmup on a treadmill or motorbike. As you growth you'll then check out splitting up your events into unique muscle tissues. Always be progressing in both weights or reps. Keep the exercise underneath an hour and constantly do weights earlier than aerobic. Keep the quantity down, among 6-12 reps (relying to your pursuits and the pastime).and the quantity of units 3 or much less. Don't overlook any bodyparts. Be definite that nutrition and nutrients is not lagging both. Most men and women greatly underestimate the value of nutrition, now not most effective in what number of energy that ought to be fed on according to day but in addition the great of vitamins and minerals. Most of the meals must be complete and unprocessed.

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