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What is wrong with PETA?

I just looked them up and they kinda bother me. I mean, I'm all for the kind treament of animals, but I feel that they go to far. While the ASPCA is taking care of homeless and abused animals, PETA is fighting against eating meat. What do you guys think, and why?


Seriously-- all I see them doing is giving $0 to help animals and spending the money to maks us all hate eating chicken. Why don't they just help instead of causing harm?

Ah, must be a PETA member here giving thumb-down. How nice.

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  • Amber
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    They SHOULD bother you.

    They are narcissistic socialists who get millions donated to their cause even though people don't really know what they do. They give $0 to spay/neuter animals, want cat and dogs to become extinct, would like like to kill my special needs children, and choose who breeds and who doesn't (we're talking breeding people, here). Can we say NAZI?!

    I don't support the use of "companion animal" language and I don't support or advertise for shelters or rescues that support PETA or have PETA links or articles on their websites.

    This means HSUS and House Rabbit Society (both big PETA-like groups) as well as countless other smaller groups. They continually lie, count on the support of ignorant people, are concerned with their own agendas and push laws and teachings even if they are bad for the animal. Support for PETA, HSUS, and HRS will never end unless we take a stand.

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    They should bother you and anyone else who can read. They think that dogs and cats should not be domestic animals, that they should live wild like they were meant to, I mean really wild cats and dogs, I think not. They think you should eat no meat, if that's what you wanna do, fine but not all people treat the animals raised for meat the way they show in those stupid videos they have been showing over and over for years. They do not support any spay/neuter at all. They believe in Breed Specific Legislation, which no one should believe in, it will not stop or change anything to believe in it, each individual animal is different, just because they are of that breed doesn't mean they are all bad. They are just odd people. If you want to support a cause support your local non-kill shelter or the ASPCA not PETA.

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    I think that PETA is more about making headlines and pissing people off than actually helping with animal welfare-I'm more of a supporter of the ASPCA and the Humane Society.

    When doing research, PETA plays on the celebrities and doesn't really focus on non-animal testing, overpopulation or any of the main topics that plague our animals today.

    Be kind to your pets-have them spayed or neutered!!!

  • Anonymous
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    Propaganda for unEducated TeenAgers

    PETA just cares about advertising and making money. They're a bunch of hypocrites. Why don't they help the animals they show in those awful situations instead of just filming them? But no they'd much rather throw paint and ***** about people eating chicken.

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  • DP
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    They are vigilante maniacs who don't save animals like they profess to, they kill just as many animals as all the other programs out there.. They are mean and nasty and hurt people in the name of saving animals.. Most of the time the animals they profess to be saving.. End up dead due to them being put back into nature where they have no clue how to survive.. Don't support PETA, they aren't what they pretend to be.

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    ASPCA does nothing for animals in factory farms! They don't speak out against the cruelty in factory farms! There are NO laws protecting animals that are raised for food.12,000,000,000 animals are killed every year for meat,dairy and eggs.Plus another 16,000,000,000 sea animals.

    PeTA is against animal cruelty and suffering wherever it happens! In factory farms,circuses,zoos and medical research. Cows,Chickens,Pigs,etc are just as much capable of suffering as dogs and cats are,yet,so many people think it would be repulsive to eat a dog or cat,but they never even think twice about eating that hamburger or bacon.Could you imagine seeing puppy leather? I'm sure people would be pretty shocked.How would you feel if dogs and cats were raised for consumption? Do you seriously think that animals raised for meat don't suffer?

    PeTA is definitely far from perfect,but you can't say they haven't done anything for animals.

    "Since its inception in 2001, PETA’s mobile clinic, SNIP (Spay and Neuter Immediately, Please), has sterilized tens of thousands of dogs and cats at a reduced cost in the Hampton Roads, Virginia, area, preventing the births of tens of thousands of unwanted animals."

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    The other answers pretty much summed it up, so I'll just redirect you to this page:

    All that stuff is true, I've done my research =[. PETA doesn't even deny any of it.

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    PETA is just people eating tasty animals.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    PETA is obsessed more with PETA than they are the animals.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    South Park did an expose of PETA.. They really love their animals....LITERALLY....

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