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Guys help plz! Am I not going to enjoy my married life?

I don't know how to ask this question properly..but, my husband was a virgin when I married him. Even his inner part was not the way it is for other guys. How can his be like others? While sex it does come out, but again it goes back which I dont like. I feel dirty..How can he change it or how can it be like the other...normal one. Plz help...


guys, when u were kid, how was that?I guess there was a cover kind of thing. Then how it goes I don't know. I know about the big and getting small again, but there is somthing which get teared up in time. Am I right...plz help I really need to know this..

Update 2:

Yes, it is the foreskin. Does it even come out? If yes how?? If not is it normal?

Update 3:

how do u cirumcise it?

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    pretty much the same question as's good that he was a virgin but that's besides the point..he can still go to the hospital and have his foreskin removed but it's more painful for a grown man than it is a baby and that's why they do it before babies leave the hospital....nothin is wrong with him...when he gets hard, take your hand and gently pull it back and it will look like a "normal" penis's all going to be ok...he is normal, it's just that he wasn't shouldn't feel dirty or even's just a religious procedure and sex is still perfectly normal..if i were you, i wouldn't worry about it cause it's all good...he's fine and there is nothing wrong with either one of you having sex with his penis like that

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    Your man is not circumcised. He probably comes from a family background where they have different kind of circumcision like either pulling one of there teeth's etc. If he come from a culture that required circumcision, he may have dodged it. As a matter of fact when he does sex, at it's climax, he feels pains to as a result of his foreskin pulling to its edges and thus sometimes they withdraw and cool a bit and start again. Beneath the foreskin, are white residual which he needs to clean it daily. Too much accumulation of them would make him un interested in having sex. However at times they can be very satisfying sexually as they have all the sex sensitivities unlike us who are circumcised. If its his traditional culture, it would be impossible to convince him to be circumcised. Is he a Luo tribe? If he is, you can't tell this folk to be circumcised as they strongly believe in there culture. However if he doesn't want to be circumcised, I don't know how much love you all share, deal with it or find something better that you want. These are the only ways to solve your problem

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    ounds like he has not been circumcised. I don't know if you can do that now without a lot of trauma. He needs to ask a doctor. Why do you feel dirty? That is the way they look at birth. The foreskin was just not cut off then.

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    I'm not sure what you mean? I think you need to ask a

    nurse. If you go regularly to an HMO- ask your doctor for


    But, if this is temporary, by all means don't throw the baby

    out with the bathwater. He just needs time before he

    becomes a "sex God". Encourage him. Be patient.

    Did you come out of the blocks running? Or did it take

    you a little time before you perfected your sexuality?

    Give him some encouragement- or if you feel it is a

    medical problem, gently guide him to talk with his


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    You will enjoy your married life. Don't give up too easily. it gets better in time.

    Buy some books about sex and learn all you want, try and try, experiment that's the best way to go.

    digger227, now that is funny.

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    He's natural. Just the way he was born. Some parents decide not to butcher their sons. Every good sword has a scabbard.

    This is very common o/s of the US

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    clear up your question every guy suck the first couple or all the i'm a guy i have my moment of shame espically when i want to do something else what you do and don't spam me or whatever but seriously....have him beat it then start the sex and it will last longer and hopefully be better for you...not sure what your talking about the in and out thing.......

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    Why do you feel dirty? I think a good marriage counselor is in order!~. SEX should be something beautiful !~shared between two people.. What is Normal? If you reallly loved him, it wouldnt matter and you wouldnt feel dirity

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    well if he is not cicumsized that explains alot and i dought you will ever get him get that done now if he isnt but make sure he washs it alot if he isnt , on the other hand if its because hes fat he will have to lose some wieght well thats all i have on that it may be something you just may have to get over

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    the muslims guys cut the inner layer. but other all mens had it. you don,t bother about it. go ahead with a funny life

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