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Do you think the Electoral Votes system is sufficient?

If not, what do you think needs to be done to improve the system?

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    Get rid of it. Why do you vote? You vote to elect the person 'you' think is right for the position he/she is trying to win. With the Electoral College your vote is worthless. The majority of the country can vote for the person they want, but if the people in Electoral College don't want that person they will vote for the person they want and that is the person who gets elected. That is why people in this country have been trying since its inception to get the Electoral College nullified.

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    (Copies, Pastes old answer. Since we get one of these questions nearly every day)

    The Electoral College:

    Pro: The Founders of this nation had a justified fear of complete democracy. They set up a system where supposedly wise men, elected by the people, and holding no other office at the time, would chose a President. They knew "There's a sucker born every minute". They made sure that there was an insulating layer of responsible people between the voter and the presidency. Thus there is some protection from the lies and deceit that went on during election season, then just as it does now.


    1. Those who failed their civics classes, or who have never received any instruction in our system of government, along with those who wish to take advantage of the most ignorant portion or our electorate, continue to complain and question the Electoral College. This makes the sheep easily identified and led by the barking dogs.

    2. Those who wish to take advantage of the gullibility of the average voter would like to do away with the Electoral College, in order to make their nonsense campaigns more effective.

    Although the Electors of most states are "pledged" to vote for the winner in that state, and most face criminal penalties for breaking that pledge, there may come a time when the Electoral College is forced to muster its courage and go against the vote. This could happen in a scenario where massive fraud or corruption is found between the national election day and the balloting of the Electoral College. This could happen, and is what was intended by the founders of this nation.

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    The only way a straight electoral vote could work is if the winner by law had to have over 50 percent of the vote. Otherwise, it is much more flawed than it would be now. The only people that want a straight electoral vote is Californians and New Yorkers and the like. They would have a more powerful influence and could force smaller states into their liberal ways. State rights should always come first, and the electoral system protects that

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    I'd like to see the president elected by straight popular vote. Actually a lot of people would like to see that. There have been something like 250 proposals to abolish the Electoral College since the Constitution was ratified.

    The thing is, the real purpose of the EC is that it's part of the compromise reached to get the Constitution ratified. It was a way for smaller states to get proportionately more power. Since each state gets one vote for each of their senators and one vote for every congressman, the smallest states have proportionately more electoral votes per population. So smaller states will never go along with abolishing the Electoral College because they would stand to lose some power.

    California, where I live, has a proposal on the ballot this year to apportion the state's electoral votes based on the popular vote, rather than the traditional 'winner take all'. I don't like that idea either, unless every state does it.

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    The Electoral Votes system works just fine as long as a Democrat gets elected because of it. If a Republican takes a state that carries a lot of Electoral Votes, only then is the system flawed.

    Bobby D: Go look up the word "facetious" in the dictionary. For a top contributor, you sure don't seem to be very talented at reading between the lines.

    Bobby D: Sorry about my bluntness too -- guess we both spoke too soon. You'll most likely be getting best answer on my latest question...

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    Not effective.

    USA should change to a Parliamentary System.

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    not yet.

    there are substantial concerns.

    first adjustments happen.

    more has to be done.

    the electronic frontier foundation

    (filing lawsuits relentlessly for citizens and customers)

    maintains an eVoting special site - stay tuned and support.

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    No, we are fighting to make Iraq a Democracy.

    Make the USA a Democracy.

    Do we as Americans deserve less?

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    it has worked so far and has already been improved once now we have at lest some say about who is elected

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    It's worked fine for many many many years, why fix it if it ain't broke?


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