Do you think the Chicago Bulls of the 1993-94 season can win 55 games with Pippen alone leading the team?

Coz i personally think that without Horace Grant their Team will really have a losing season... Any Thoughts?

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    The only reason the Bulls won 55 games is because Pippen and Grant took their game to the highest level. without Jordan.

    now, look at the 1994-95 Bulls without Grant, they were 34-31 and possibly be out of the playoffs. But thanks to Jordan's return they made it to the playoffs (13-4 record with Jordan) and upset the Hornets in the first round.

  • JR
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    No, without Horace Grant, the Bulls would do even worse. The same Chicago team actually did worse in the 1994-1995 season before MJ came back for the 66th game of the season. The Bulls record with Pippen and Grant for the first 65 games of that season was (34-34) which would be a 0.500 team that would struggle just to make the playoffs. That's a major drop off from a (55-27) record the year before. The Bulls were lucky MJ came back and bailed them out or else they could end up fighting for ping pong balls in the lottery.

  • Who knows ???? least they were at "0.500"..something Jordan could never do without Pippen!....and yes Bill H pointed it out!...................... Jordan fanatics claim the next year in 1996 he shook his supposed court rust and led the Bulls to 72 wins. These people are basketball illiterate. If this were true, why weren't the Bulls winning 72 games in 1991, 92, and 93? Jordan didn't have any court rust then. The reason the Bulls improved was because they filled their weakness with the best player in the NBA FOR that weakness: Dennis Rodman. They lacked rebounding from the power forward spot, so they brought on the greatest rebounding forward in history. They lacked interior defense, so they brought in a 2-time defensive player of the year in Rodman. He was the perfect fit. Grant was a very good player, and he and Jordan's 1992 Bulls won 67 games. But Rodman is better than Grant. Connect the dots. The reason that team improved so much was because of Rodman. Without Grant or Rodman, Jordan simply could not win a championship, because Jordan could not provide interior defense and rebounding. After all, the team really didn't miss him that badly when he retired.

    I have asked Jordan fans to explain over and over why the Bulls only slipped 2 games when they replaced Jordan with Pete Myers. To this day, not a SINGLE ONE, has been able to offer an explanation. The answer is obvious, they just don't want to admit it. Jordan was a great individual player, but he was not as valuable of a TEAM player!

  • MyKill
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    Horace Grant is an important but unheralded member of the Bulls. However if Pippen have Rodman, the Bulls would have won more than just 55 games.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The team was still intact, it was just missing Jordan, so Pippen without those guys couldn't win games alone. Remember his season in Houston, and the rest in Portland? Everyone thought they were going to win a title for sure, but look at what came out of that...NOTHING!! It's a team effort....

  • BillH
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    Anyone who understands the triangle offense knows that it is dependent upon the power forward position. Without a power forward who can rebound, shoot the 15' shot and set monster picks, the triangle is a useless offense. We played a variation of the triangle offense in college (with 2 all conference forwards) and did very well.

    So while they needed Scottie to be the leader and clutch guy, the needed Horace to be the power forward in the triangle.

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