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my conversation with a wiccan teacher, wat you guys think?

#1: the law of thermodynamics and the big bang:

According to the law of thermodynamics, a spontaneous reaction in a closed space would increase the amount of entropy in that space. From this, we can imply that the amount of energy AVAILABLE TO DO WORK, is decreased due to increase in thermal energy. Therefore, the beginning of the universe had to have been at a definite time and place. that's not it, dont start yelling yet. As we all know, molecules react in a way that allows them to reach homeostasis. From that we can imply that the big bang occured because the molecules (actually, matter would be a more accurate discription) seeked homeostasis. But what caused the matter to be in such an unstable state in the first place?please, i just thought of this, i know its not perfect, I just want your imput. Please no sarcasm, I am a free thinker and if you have enough logic, I will believe you.TY

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i also wanted to add in the fact that numbers are only representations for values, not considered themselves a value, therefore, the fact that we can prove that we are within a certain place and time by means of using numerals, it is because the numerals represent certain places on the timeline or whatever you call it. It would not be possible to represent a certain point on something besides points if it were infinite, just wanted to post this to back up my 2nd premise.

#2: the argument for proving morals:

I mean, from an totally secularist, evolutionary point of view it is survival of the fittest and just that. What is the purpose of not lying, not stealing, not murdering if there is no higher power or higher purpose that one is trying to achieve. If our goal and ulitmate purpose in life is (speaking from a evolutionary perspective) to survive and reproduce, wouldnt such morals be obsolete and too utopian? If you really think about it, all morals are all in some way or another derived from religion

#3. the argument linking christianity to evolution:

the evolutionary theory does not conflict with christianity. The bible only says we ARE created, not how we were created. If you look into genesis, you will find that the account of God's creation closely resembles the order of evolution and the big bang theory.

when you have enough reasons or evidence to defeat these arguments, then we talk, I have a whole bunch more, but I doubt you will read all of them. for your claim of christian religion is just parts of other religions combined, do you have any evidence for that claim?

you say that there is no logic supporting christianity but you follow with the statement the christianity is the youngest religion out there. does age of the religion logically imply that it is more right?


so you can understand better, I am christian, she is wiccan, she is trying to convert me you see

Update 2:

yea this is my reply to her email that wiccan is better than christian

Update 3:

reverend c, I disagree with you. morals is too vague to track and determine throughout natural selection. There is no evidence to support this claim nor any a priori statement to this truth.

As for the thermodynamics argument, does your ignorance make it illogical?

Update 4:

if you read my statement about christianity being the youngest, what I meant to say was that : WHO CARES IF CHRISTIANITY IS THE YOUNGEST? whether the religion is right or wrong does not depend on how old it is. that was the point I was trying to make

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    sounds like sociology, borrrrrriinnnggg

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    You are wrong on several points

    First morals are part of our evolutionary history. Natural selection means that humans who get along with each other survive better.

    Second, the point of not murdering is that you don't want to be murdered. Treating others badly is wrong, period. The absence or presence of a higher power has nothing to do with it.

    Third, your whole thermodynamics rant is incomplete and really doesn't relate to anything else you said.

    Fourth, Christianity is not the youngest religion. Islam came 600 years later.

    Fifth, from an evolutionary stand point, the ulimate goal is for the entire human species to survive, not just us as individuals.

    Sixth, nothing in Genesis is even close to the big bang theory or evolutionary biology.

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    I doubt that she was trying to convert you. You just got too defensive when she didn't say that Christianity was THE way.

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    Either you're representing said teacher poorly, or said teacher is representing science poorly.

    Wicca as well.

    Christianity is older than Wicca, just not better.

    Source(s): Wiccan for over 20 years.
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    Well that was interesting (yawn) ramble.

    I hardly know where to start respong so I won't other than to say what a load of ********

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