am i pregnant?

ok so heres the deal my fiance and i had unprotected sex 2 weekends ago ( he didnt *** in me but still yea pre ***) then last weekend we had sex and the condom broke and so i took the plan B pill im on birth control but when the condom broke i was on my first dud pill but i still didnt get my period and im finished with my dud pills and start the normal ones tomorrow ive been feeling really sick in the last few days but i also have a bladder infection i just dont know if im pregnant please someone help me out

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    If you are on birth control pills, there was no need for you to take Plan B. You are still fully protected during the week of "dud pills," as you call them. You have given yourself a massive dose of progesterone on top of what the birth control pills were already giving you. Chances are your cycle will be messed up for a bit. Nausea is a side effect of taking Plan B, and I imagine even moreso with you being on the birth control pill already. Wait it out for the next month, then take a test. Since you were on the birth control pill at the time of these incidents however, I doubt you are pregnant, as long as you are taking them properly.

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    You say you are on birth control, and I assume if you are discussing pills, you mean birth control pills. If you have been taking your pills on a regular basis, on time, the chances you could get pregnant are about one in a thousand. However, if you have been on the pill for several months and usually get your period, and didn't this time, something is wrong. You also said you took Plan B. This is confusing, since if you were already on the pill, you wouldn't need Plan B.

    Plan B is a stronger dose of hormones than you get from your birth control pills. It could very well foul up your cycle, especially if you take it when you are supposed to be taking "dud" birth control pills.

    Take a deep breath and go to the drugstore and get a pregnancy test.

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    Take a home pregnancy test if you feel you may be pregnant.

    No one on here can determine if you are or arent. Also know that with a bladder infection a false positive or false negative can happen with a urine test.

    Its best for you to get in to see your doc (or Planned ParentHood if you cant openly talk to your doc) and have a blood test taken.

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    a bladder infection can make you feel pretty crappy....

    but when all else fails, just run to the store and get a test

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  • Anonymous
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    You could be. Just go get a test. See a doctor.

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