This game is bought, i get disconnected from server making me angry 2 the pt. where i nd angr mgmt. can i sue?

Being disconnected from the server (sports game), stops the game and i neither get a win or a lose. Takes away time and leaves me with nothing. I am really losing my cool and people around me are constantly saying that my personality has been changing. I am doing nothing different in my life except for the fact that i play this game. I have lost my patience and my stress level has risen. I want this co. to pay for what they have done. Making consumers angry like me. I understand that it is just a game, but aren't games suppose to help relieve stress and not create stress. I need some advice... (personal and legal) thnx

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    Actually, video games are notorious for causing stress. Just stop playing the game! It sounds like maybe you need to burn more energy. Try doing something more active with your time. Physical activity reduces stress along with all it's other great benefits.

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    1 decade ago

    Sure, go ahead and sue. You might win. If you do, you have a way of blaming everyone else for your problems. After all, we know they're not your fault. And all this over a GAME ? I think not. Games are fun. What you're doing isn't. Is there a person in your life who is mentally ill ? There is now.

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    no you cant sue.. it is for entertainment purposes... if anything you can get it replaced for a new one.... it is afterall just a game.... stop playing it and it find something more constructive to do with your time... it will relieve some stress too

  • 1 decade ago

    sounds like you have got yerself addicted to this game... and THATS whats causing the stress.....

    get out..... find something else to do.... have a life outside of the computer.... its far better for you.... and yup, ive been there... and done the same.. and am completerly different now that i have 'got a life'.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Get yourself a lawyer and be ready to pay his fees.

  • 1 decade ago! Stop the game already..

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