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Who here thinks the Beatles sucked and where the most overrated band ever?

Personally, I hate them. I don't agree with what Mark Chapman did to Lennon, but I also think Lennon was poisoning the world with his lifestyle, and was already walking dead from all of the drugs. I also think not only did they have horrible singing voices, but could not play, and thier words in some songs where retarded.


I do not like rap or hip hop. I'm 41 years old. And also, the 5 finger was duplicated by Slash, but he only did it to prove he could. This guy is the perfect example of what you will favor and enjoy from drugs poisoning your mind.

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    I have always said that. It's not that they sucked just that people say they were the best only because everyone else says it. Sure if you think they are the best ever then that's great but most people say it without ever listening to their music.

    Like saying Beethoven is the best composer even if you don't even listen to classical.

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    I just like the Beatles and I'm 19. My dad performed their song always while I used to be little. I did not begin to rather like them till a couple of years again. Their songs make me believe well, and that is what song's approximately, proper? Everyone's entitled to their opinion. I imply I hate it while humans attempt to PROVE that a band's no well, or the excellent. How are you able to end up some thing that's centered on opinion? You do not like them, then that is cool. To every their possess.

  • Anonymous
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    I like the Beatles and I'm 19. My dad played their music all the time when I was little. I didn't start to really like them until a few years back. Their songs make me feel good, and that's what music's about, right? Everyone's entitled to their opinion. I mean I hate it when people try and PROVE that a band's no good, or the best. How can you prove something that is based on opinion? You don't like them, then that's cool. To each their own.

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    Well, it certainly sucks to be you! Obviously, you have no ear for music. To my knowledge, no one has duplicated the 5-finger chords that John Lennon learned from banjo lessons given by his mother. And the Beatles certainly weren't the only band to record songs with corny lyrics. My guess would be that you probably listen to "rap" or "hip-hop". Calling that crap music is quite a stretch!

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    I disagree strongly as I am a huge Beatles fan a broadcast a show about them every week.....BUT....I respect your opinon. You have different tastes and that's cool. The Beatles just aren't your bag which is fine.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    NO!I don't agree with that!Lennon's lifestyle was just against the war!!!He was a very gifted person & musician!

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    NOT ME! Why are you saying this? Dude you don't really know what music is all about. Peace,Love, Flower power!! Never mind it's over your head. Good luck!

  • robee
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    I liked the Beatles. As the old saying goes "you had to have been there".

  • 1 decade ago

    I absolutely, totally agree with you, and I'm one of the idiots who actually wasted money and went to see them!

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    I DO I DO I DO :)

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