my friend's boyfriend is a jerk!?

ok here's the story.

my friend has been like my friend for 5 years now. i juss graduated HS and she was already with him. Now that we graduated, she spends all her time with him. she then tells other ppl that i am not being a good friend cuz im not there for her. last week he said to me if i can drive ppl to a dinner. i said my ride situation isnt good right now. he then comes out and say ' some friend u r' i was like..? i dont even really know the guy and he says that to me. so at the dinner he ignored him. he then goes calling my other friend spoiled and being rude. it was a fancy resturant and he goes out and yells. "how much is this food? lets go mcdonalds!" i was so embarassed. i told her that he's a jerk and now she's mad. wat shuld i do!? forget about her? this happened many times before..we always fight cuz of guys she's involved with =T


yeh but he's just so rude. he calls me and her *****. he always yells at her and she always forgives hi,. at least 3 days of the week she's crying. he just says all this rude stuff to her and bails on her to go with his friends. her crying doesnt make see how happy she is

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    if you REALLY are her friend you should just suck it up and deal with it.....just because these guys aren't right for YOU doesn't mean they aren't right for HER.......who's happiness is more important, yours or hers? think about it.....

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    look don't make your friend choose it wouldn't be fair. Just bite your tongue for the time being and be there for her when she breaks up with him. If he is as much of a jerk as you say he is it will happen. You must also be prepared for the fact that him maybe trying to drive you away as your too close to your friend don't let him be there for your friend suffer his comments as much as you can but if it comes down to it walk away and maybe your friend will see what this guy cost him.

    Source(s): Had to deal with a simular situation
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