Spark Plugs?

I have a 1999 lexus ES300 with 82000 miles. I wanted to get the spark plugs changed. I was told that the iridium plugs are the recommended one for my car. The question I have is, how long does it take to change the plugs in my car? According to the mechanic I went to, he said it will take 2 hours to change the spark plugs. He is charging me $200(with plugs). Is this a fair price?

thanks in advance!

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    actually yesterday i just got my car back from a shop i had a tune up and they changed the spark plugs as well as other things on my gs300. dont go to a lexus dealer to get it done as they would charge more i would assume. i got full tune up for about i think it was 250. so for 50 more you can get everything checked and changed. it took like at most 4 hours, the reason its expensive is because they have to take the manifold off the engine to get to 2 of the spark plugs in the engine, so that takes some time and effort. take it to a shop, like a shop that specializes in imports like toyotas. as lexus is made by toyota. so take it to one of those.

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    iridium's are good for 75,000 up to 105,000 miles.

    now is a good time to change them, as you won't have to worry about the original plugs seizing into the heads.

    the ES300 is the 6cyl model, 2 hours is probably book time, so in essence, it is a fair price.

    Iridium plugs are about $7 each from the parts store, he's going to mark them up maybe up to $11.

    Plus, it's a lexus, the dollar signs go up because of that.

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    1 decade ago

    Hey ! Mittens! It`s a v6 in a very small hole. There is a bit more than opening the hood and just looking at the plugs. If his shop rate is around $60-70 , that is not to far off. Do not cheap out on the plugs. Get the Denso. Outlast your car. May want to consider wires if you plan on keeping it, cost a little more in parts. but he`s almost halfway there changing the plugs, Plus it`s peace of mind.( and you can blame him if it breaks down in the winter)

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    price seems a bit steep, its a ten minute job if that on your average joe car, i cant see why the lexus would be any different, unless the plugs are very hard to get to..

    if you look at your engine there will be 4 leads that go straight in to the block, the other side of the leads will go in to a housing called a distributor. where the leads meet the block , if you pop them off then you will reveal your spark plugs.

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    1 decade ago

    Do it yourself if you don't like the price. Make sure you buy the right plugs. I can change the plugs in my V6 Odyssey in around 20 minutes and 3 plugs are very hard to get to. Looks like a rip to me.

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