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Am I crazy to spend almost $25 for a field guide to plant galls of California?

I needed some facts for a page or two on a PowerPoint presentation and the facts in most books and on the web are few and repetitious. It's not exactly a page turner but it is fascinating that this man has devoted his career to discovering new species and then sharing that information with others.

The format is great, it's part of an ongoing natural history series, but $25? Good information doesn't come cheap, I guess.

I didn't check to see if the library had a copy, as when I do research I like to have as many resources on hand as possible.

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    Once I Borrowed a Theses from some university somewhere through the library on (Typhlichthys subterraneus) I forget the details. The copying cost was $30. 00 . I still have the theses. Was it worth it YES. $25.00 for you would be worth it. Its a book RIGHT.

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    You don't check things out of the library? What a shame. This sounds like the perfect reason to use a library. You won't want this book in the future? Why not donate it to your library when you're through with it. Get a receipt and claim it as a charitable donation on your taxes.

    btw, King Midas: Not all information on the internet is free, and not all of it is accurate.

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    I believe that you should weight whether the presentation is important to you.For example,the result of it would make some contributions to your future,including your work and the recognition given by your boss or teacher.

    If it is pretty vital,then it is worth investing it.

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    you can get any information on the internet for free, so why spend your hard earned money.

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