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boys maths are better than girls? {英文辨論}

你地可唔可以比d 原因我去反對boys maths are better than girls


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    boys maths are better than girls?

    1. Girls are more deliberate. You can give some examples.

    2. Girls are more attentive to the class. Some examples.

    3. At the same age, girls are more mature than boys especially the brain development. Some facts have been reported about that.

    4. Girls are not easily distracted. Some examples.

    5. Girls are more willing to seek help from others. For boys, they are not willing to ask others something that they don't understand. In general, they think that they are smart enough to handle all problems, i.e. 面子問題. Therefore, through mutual discussion, girls tend to improve their maths skills more faster.

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