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Countries that dump garbage...

What countries use ocean dumping?

What countries use open dumping?


用ocean dumping的國家

跟用open dumping的國家

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    In many countries including the United States it has been standard practice to dump wastes created such as garbage, plastics, and radioactive decay, into the oceans.

    大多國家包含美國都有採取Ocean Dumping垃圾處理

    In 1972, the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment recommended that Governments ensure that “ocean dumping by their nationals anywher e, or by any person in areas under their jurisdiction, is controlled and the Governments continue to work towards the completion of, and bringing into force as soon as possible of, an over-all instrument for the control of ocean dumping…”

    1972年於Stockholm大會,環保組織要求各國要嚴格管控Ocean Dumping的環保法規。

    這代表大多國家還是都有採取Ocean Dumping,只是管控嚴格不嚴格而已....



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