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"It appears that there were not weapons of mass destruction there"? Did Rumsfeld say this?

or will Republicans lie about that too?

WEll.....republicans, let us know. Did Rumsfeld say this?

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    There is a blog with CNN footage of an interview with Donald Rumsfeld on May 4, 2006, where he uses these words in response to a question asked by a former 27-year veteran of the CIA.

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    An earth tomb discovered by American soldiers with thousands of dead Iraqi citizens proved that at one time or another, WMDs were in Iraq. Weapons inspection teams pussyfooted around way too long to inspect. I would say they are now somewhere in Syria.

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    The WMDs are in Syria.

    Do you know what a WMD is? A Chemical, Biological or Radiological weapon.

    I hope you know that chlorine bombs are WMDs.

    Or maybe you are as stupid as you sound.

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    I don't get it though, he hand delivered WMDs to Saddam. Why could Rummy not find them

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    There are chlorine bombs, being used by the insurgents. Not Saddam.

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