I am 6 months pregnant and my baby seems to be hanging out really,really low lately-is this normal?

It feels like she is right by my pelvic bone...seems too low-very,very low on my abdomin-almost crotch level. I have been feeling a lot of movement there for the last 2 days. I normally feel movement mainly just below my belly button. Is this switch up normal?

Do you think movement close to crotch level is normal at 6 months? Oh, and the kicking feels far back,towards my middle not towards the front- thanks for your help~


I just had an appointment today where my cervix was looked at, so I am sure my doc would have mentioned if I was dialated or something... I just wanted to see if other Moms to be had the same situation......

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    Yes this is still normal. My son moved into postion at 5 months and even the dr. thought it was funny but nothing to worry about. Just lets you know you have a child eager to meet you!

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    Everyone carries differently, I carried very low. However, I don't remember feeling the way you are describing until I "dropped" which was somewhere in my 8th month. You might be further along than you think. I wouldn't worry too much unless you start bleeding, or if you don't feel much movement. But just to be on the safe side you should call your OB gyn first thing in the morning. Congrats, and good luck.

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    I was carrying the same at 5-6 months, am now two weeks away from having baby. If you are experiencing pain in the pubic bone area, there is a name for it, but I can't remember and it is completely normal. If you wanted to know more go onto baby central website. I get emails from them all the time and it has helped me understand my condition.

    Good luck hope it goes well

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    whilst u sense the newborn pass it feels like fluttering or something rubbing against your insides very gently and not lots tension. I felt the two one in each and every of mine by ability of 5 months. I used to take a heat tub with my 2d and he or she would be everywhere, the 1st it would purely take a ice chilly drink to get him started and he hasn't stopped 10 yrs later

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    If something is wrong, your doctor will let you know. Try not to worry. Congratulations on being a new mommy.

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    it depends on you because everyone is different but u should go to Dr and have them check for dilating and a ultra sound to check the little one

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    you'd better to see a doctor. It seems to be a serious matter.

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