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huge concrete basement, what makes nice putting surface?

what putting surface do you recommend i buy to roll out in the basement floor for putting? some type of carpet? some cheap astro like turf from home depot? prob 30 foot strip 8 foot wide? what would be the most green like true rolling? thanks

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    You can't get a real putting surface without grass. The next best thing is the astro turf. Go to a local golf course, or a pro shop. They usually have turf for trying out the putters in the store. If you like the speed of the green, go to Home Depot and try to match it.

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    If you're playing in the Masters or The US Open , a huge, bare concrete floor would work.

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    You can buy one of those golf putting line things, or get a carpet, either way it really doesn't have to be difficult

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    There are various turf type carpets available......See a good carpet store they can hook you up.

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    if you go onto golf retail web sites you can acually buy proper putting mats.

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