I love my hubby but whenever we have issues at home, he hurts me.What will I do?

We're living with our in-laws, and my in-law's some kindda noesy....But we can't stanb on r own...I'm starting to fall out of lovewith my hubby...

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    i understand the situation in which u r ....

    the most postive point is u love ur husband... so, u should try to keep peace in ur family ....

    first u have to make ur husband to stop hurting u.... the simple way is whtever he says somtheing on some issue u simply support him and accept his decision, whether it is right or wrong. In that way he gets confidence that u really love him and support him. This certainly develops love in him, for u ...

    sorry.. it appears to u a compromise.. but for ur kind of situation this is only option, i feel so ...

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    IF you only specified in what way he does hurt you, may be my answer would have been more profound. Does he physically hurt you: by brutal batters?

    If he does, then he doesn't deserve you. He might be dangerous and hazardous to you. Think of it this way; 'you and him have found a place of your own. someday he is just not him self and he gets reallmy mad after the two of you have had an aurgument. There is no one else around to protect you, not even your in-laws. How about then, don't you think he could do something stupid?

    And if that's not the case, still I wouldn't advice you to live around some one who hurts you, in any way, when things aren't working well.

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    CONVERSATION......... DO NOT, hold anything back...... For whatever reasons you two need to stay with the In-Laws...... Be working together to be able to do it on your own.

    A lot of the problems you two are having may be triggered from the fact that you dont live as NORMAL married people do.

    Work as a team, NOT against one another.

    In Response to him "hurting" you: You let him know that, his behavior is unacceptable and WILL NOT be tolerated. You ARE his WIFE and he WILL respect you as such. Listening, compromising, and learning is what jeeps a marriage strong.

    And MOST importantly..... Pray througout your marriage and pray for strength and guidence.

    Source(s): Pray Changes Things
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    so he hurts you physically? go to court and get a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) then leave him.

    If you have kids, take them with you.

    If a guy hurts you once, he will hurt you again, and again...

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    Be strong and look to your friends for support...they can be very helpful with advice and emotional support.

    My prayers are with you...

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