Do you guys ever heard of sugar daddy and sugar baby philosophy? As it said, it's like we're in the cave ages, and chicks chasing old rich guy is like finding a bigger shelter cave, whatever. Since when that relationship sounds so reasonable?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Dude, I read that article on either. Here's the whole content:

    Our philosophy goes back to the cave ages - Men want the younger and more attractive women.

    And, women, want the man with the bigger and more sheltered cave. The able provider and strong protector. This translates today to a man having the means of providing a woman with all the possible comforts and luxuries. Money and Power. Qualities that are irresistible to women.

    Over the years, society has tried to set rules (whether it be having an ExtraMarital affair or Pre-Marital Sex) as to what's "right" and what is "wrong". Attraction to Money, Power, and Physical Beauty is in our genes. It's about time we lost the games and lived life the way WE want to - by following our instincts. After all, it's a very short life! Explore now.

    You know, business tricks, never mind

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    1 decade ago

    no relationship like that is reasonable. it never was. but it happens coz the girl needs the rich guy and the rich guy needs the girl-for whatever purpose.

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