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Dog giving Birth!?

I have a female dog thats ready to go in labor in a few days. I know when dogs have puppies the puppies are born inside some sort of bag, now the thing im concerned about is if noones home when she gives birth and she doesn't take the bag off of the puppies fast enough can the puppies suffocate?

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    obviously since your clueless as to what happens during labor and birth im guessing this is her first litter....i would seriously suggest someone being boyfriend and I took three days off from work to be there for labor and the first couple of days to make sure everything is going smoothly...we never had a problem with her not taking the bag off fast enough but with her second litter she pulled too hard when chewing the umblical cord off which caused two of the puppies to have hernias and they are now required to get surgery to fix it...the vet told us there is nothing we can do at home for them..but if one of the puppies is too big then it could get stuck and can kill her...we always timed the birth between puppies to make sure there isn't can tell when she is going into labor because she will constantly be paceing and she can't get comfortable no matter where she was usually hours or one day after she starts doing this that she will begin to have the puppies...make sure there isn't too much noice and she isn't stressed this will cause her to try to stop labor which will then require you to take her to the vets....lay out a blanket that you won't mind throwing away and let her get comfy with it now before labor starts

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    SOmeone HAS to be home.. Not only does she maybe need help cleaning puppies, cutting umbilical cord etc.. But if a puppy should become stuck, The dog could very well be dead by the time you get home from school.. If she does not get the sack off the puppies they will suffocate /drown.. They won't wait for you to get home.. Mother Nature can be nasty.. Things don't always work out the way they should.. First litter?? You absolutely NEED to be there always, First litter is even more important.

    SOMETIMES things are fine.. Sometimes mom is smarter than the owners and can handle things better.. But just cause a few people have left their dog alone and they have been fine, does NOT mean that yours will be fine..

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    It's not ok to give birth, the reason she's trying to get out, is because sometimes the need to push a puppy out feels like having to have a bowel movement, and she may be afraid she'll have an accident in the house. My dog did the same thing when she started to give birth, she headed straight for the back door. Puppies cannot monitor their own body heat, so allowing them to give birth outside could be tragic, let her outside on a leash, bring a flashlight, just in case she gives birth outside, if she does, scoop up the puppy, and bring it to her whelping box.

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    First of all I advice you to talk to your vet. After the birth of puppy, mother licks the puppy to clean the membranes and stimulate the respiration. If mother does not do this in first 1-3 minutes then assistance is needed. Someone should clean the membranes, wipe dry the puppy and help it to throw out the liquids which may block the respiratory tract.

    So I suggest you to talk to your vet and collect as much as information what you can do to help her if something goes wrong.

    Good luck

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    yes that is very possible.

    especially if this is a first litter My sister just had a sheltie give birth to a first litter she wouldn't remove the sack so we did one was born not breathing so we did CPR and now the pups fine.

    depending on the breed she can also have complications and die from it if no one is at home to observe any possible problems.

    But then again dogs have been having pups for years and do just fine.

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    Yes, they can suffocate. Mom could lay on them and kill them, she could chew the cord off and they can bleed to death, and many more problems could occur. This is why you do not breed if you cannot be there at all times when she is due. You need to arrange for some one to be with her at all times and then call the vet when she is in labor.

    You don't have experience with this so it is best to have the vet whelp the litter.

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    yes they can :( actually my female just gave birth yesterday morning. I woke up at 2:30 am when i heard one crying. I thought it was her first one but later found she had one before that and didnt get the sac off and it died. But the other 8 she had she did just fine with.

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    Yes, they can suffocate. Also if your dog runs into problems whelping, she might need a c-section ( sometimes puppies are too big & get stuck). Her uterus could even rupture killing her. Stay home, and keep a close eye on her. Please spay her, sense your clueless when it comes to breeding/whelping.

    Source(s): AKC Breeder
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    She knows what she is doing, if she allows you to be around her at birth I would do so, she will know you care, its sometimes best to help her get the bag off, becuase while she is trying to get the bad off she could be giving birth to another pup it will make it easier and less stressful for her, there have been instances where puppies have suffocated but its not very common, just make sure when your there she dont move around some and accidently lay on the pup not knowing it, make sure you wash you hands before and after helping remove the bags. good luck to you, with you helping her at birth she will remeber,

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    Also since your not sure about Canine Breeding it would be best that you do some research on it so you will understand how to care and manage breedings, another suggestion is to get her spayed since you dont have much knowlegde about breeding, not to be mean or insulting just some advice

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    She'll clean them, don't worry. Just make sure that she has a comfy place to go that is not too hot or cold. If you have family or friends who live nearby, and you know you will be gone for awhile, just have them come over and check on her. Any female dog I have had that has had puppies, it took them a few hours. So don't worry, she'll be fine.

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