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How to copy right my great pictures for avoid duplicating?

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    If you have Photoshop you can put your © notice into the photograph's Metadata, but this will not avoid duplicating.

    A watermark is information on the photo. Example.

    See the across the photo?

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    You own the copyright of all photos you take unless you took them under commission and you explicitly agreed to transfer copyright.

    Avoiding duplicating your work is difficult. To start with, never put high-resolution images on the web unless you're ready for a fight with those who copy your images.

    The second best option is to put a watermark in your image. A digital watermark is a copyright message that can't be erased without destroying significant parts of the image.

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    You can either edit the metadata with your copyright information, or simply use photoshop's text tool to create a © and your name as a watermark on your photos. The hotkey shortcut for the © symbol is alt + 0169.

  • While you own the copyright the moment you take the image, it is very difficult to enforce that copyright if not registered with the copyright office. Their website is at and their FAQ page has some really good information on it. You can batch register images to save on registration costs.

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    You don't need to copyright them, you already own the copyright, and can sue anybody for copying them without your permission.

    Under the picture, put © your name and the date.

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