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what does horner toads eat?

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    horned toads also known as desert horned lizard eats ants, but even though ants are their main source of food they also eat other slow moving insects such as beetles, house spiders or spiders that are not to big for them, and if they're kept as pets they mostly eat crickets and they're just fine eating them, i currently own two desert horned lizards an dthey are very easy to care of, where i live you can't find many harvester ants (which are the ones they eat), so i can only feed them crickets and they're just fine.

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    Well,it's called a horned toad,and it's not really a toad,it's a lizard.They are not very easy to keep in captivity,because all they eat are ants,although some people feed them crickets.Be aware that they are a protected species in many areas,and you may be fined if you are caught with a horned toad in your possesion.

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    I believe they like ants and termites.

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