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I need a few Korean phrases?

I'll be in South Korea this weekend. Could anyone post translations for these phrases?

Take me to the International Ferry Port.

Take me to a good, affordable hotel.

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    인터네셔널 페리 포트로 가주세요.

    (en-teo-neh-syeo-neol peh-leepo-tuh-lo ga-joo-seh-yo)

    that first word is really just "international" with a korean accent.

    좋고 저렴한 호텔로 가주세요

    (joh-ko jeo-yeom- ho-tehl-oh ga-joo-seh-yo)

    Your best bet is just to right down the actual Korean and show it to the cab driver. If you want to have fun though try and sound it out =)

    Hope that helps!!

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