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i need help i don't now how much i should sell my hamsters for?

the breed is Campbell's dwarf hamsters

i only bought two in the beginning then they had babies one baby lasted the others died it was the mothers first litter so now i have three hamsters i had them for two years so far but i can't take care of three so im selling two but i don't now how much i should sell them for


i got them from animal kingdom in phoenix arizona

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    What did you pay for your original two hamsters?? Charge people the same price..

  • 1 decade ago

    8-12$ for the Hamster alone with cage and accessories 25$. Make sure you sell them to good home.

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    what i know now days hamsters dose not worth that much...if u r in singapore it cost $15-$18 for a breeded one but if it's a local one it worth less lets say $10 below...i do have a hamster before and when i give away i gave it to the pet shop onwer to sell it for me...cheers!!!

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