I just got a ticket for an expired bus transfer. How much?

On Tuesday, I went on the M-train from SF State to Powell Station. I went on, no big deal. But at the station, there were cops checking transfers. My transfer was 2 hours EXPIRED. It looked short like an extremely short transfer, so they took a second look. Of course, they write me a citation. Now it'll appear on my license because it's an infraction, not a misdemeanor.

I live with my parents, and my mom will get so angry at me if/when she finds out. I know of the courtesy mail they send you. I'm about to get the job I applied for, so I could totally pay for it. Is there any way she would not find out? How much is it, approximately?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    just tell your mom and don't worry about no more. Do the responsible thing pay the ticket. Be honest.

  • 1 decade ago

    OK, I don't understand-

    an expired transfer...sure. Time happens.

    but they cited you for what ? theft of services ?

    And how will this appear on your license? Lots of people

    ride the train who don't have a license.

    I believe you, but the circumstance is ....odd.

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