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whats the disease that kills the tadpole?

their belly get red

what its called?

a lot of my tadpole are dying from it

what can i do about it?

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    Red Leg

    Red Leg is caused by the parasite Aeromonas hydrophila, and is commonly found with unsanitary environments, overcrowding, cold temperatures, and other stress factors. It is highly contagious and fatal.

    Symptoms: lethargy; bloating; lack of appetite; muscular twitches, convulsions, or paralysis; and particularly a reddening of the skin; especially on the belly and the underside of the legs due to enlarged and broken capillaries. Do not confuse with abrasions suffered during travel or shipping.

    Treatment: Infected animals should be quarantined. In the early stages, this may be treated at home with a medicated bath in a Sulfamethiazine solution (15ml for every 10L of water), or a 2% solution of copper sulfate or potassium permanganate. This bath should be given daily for two weeks. In severe or advanced cases, tetracycline should be administered orally at 50mg/kg twice a day. A veterinarian may recommend Baytril at 20 mg/kg administered orally, or metronidazole given at 50-100 mg/kg.

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