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What are some songs/tracks from movies that get you pumped?


I am looking for some soundtracks from movies that gets your heart going.

Particularly, music from movies that I can run to.

For example, currently, I have the soundtrack of "300" and "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Mission Impossible" and Mortal Kombat" etc.

What are some tracks from action movies, etc that you can think of?

Preferably no words just the instruments, but songs with words can be ok.

Thanks in advance!!!

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    Ready, Steady, Go by Paul Oakenfeld was used in the chase scene in the Bourne Identity. Every time I hear that music, I get jacked up and lord help me if I'm in a car.

    The theme from "On Her Majesty Secret Service" again if you're driving a car you might be in trouble with the law.

    The Eye of the Tiger- Survivor in the third Rocky movie.

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    Try these tracks:

    'Rush Hour' from Mark Mancina's Speed.

    'Berlin Foot Chase' from John Powell's Bourne Supremacy.

    'Hummell Gets The Rockets' from Hans Zimmer's The Rock.

    Awesome music, and they're featured in some of the greatest action setpieces in their respective movies! Just play their previews on Amazon and you'll agree with me they're wicked. Highly recommended! :)

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    Kill Bill has some awesome tracks that really gel with the scenes. You will love them. There is one where the crazy88 walk into the bar/restaurant. And the next one is when Kiddo takes on O-Ren Ishii.

    I love the X Files (olddddd!!!!). But I love the music.

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