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Are homophobes more likely to commit sex offenses?

Homophobes are obsessed by other peoples' sex lives and that makes them more likley to commit crimes of a sexual nature. If so, are they more likley to be sex offenders? If yes, shouldn't the government keep a registry of all violent homophobes?

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    Hmmmm, not having any stats on this, I can only say that it is interesting that men (particularly) who hold positions or offices where they are expected to at least tout an 'anti-honosexual' line, do seem to be disproportionately highly represented when it comes to sex offences ~ clergy of many denominations and religious persuasions, scoutmasters and guide leaders, etc.

    It's only my own opinion, but the sort of repression which focusses on making people feel bad about themselves is a breeding ground for whackjobbery about all sorts of stuff, including sex and power, the two elements needed to make a sex crime.

    Best wishes :-)

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