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I want a punk haircut.. help?

i have a oval face. any advise??

and links will help.

and does naturally blonde hair look good with punk cuts??

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    naturally blonde hair looks great with punky haircuts. to have a punk hairstyle, get choppy short layers or just ask the hairdressers to give you a punk cut. also get pink or blue or red streaks to look more punk.

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    Basically if you want a punk hair cut, well just take a pair of scissors and chop your hair to about chin length. As far as pink goes just use a little pink here and there, you can also use blue or black. Don't get a chelsea too many skins (girls) sport a chelsea.

    Anything Avril what's her face does is not punk. Not sure why younger kids think she's punk.

    Not sure if you know who Blondie is she started out as punk in the late 1970's (some people think she's disco but she's not) she had some great hair styels.

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    get a chelsea. You basically shave off all your hair except your bangs. It looks really cute if it's done right. And you have blonde hair, so it'll dye easily. And I am 98% sure blonde will look awful in a chelsea.

    but... for an oval face? you can get a pixie cut but so that you can make a ducktail/fauxhawk. Your blonde hair will look cute in that.

    or you can keep your hair long and make a she-mullet. (i think that's what it is called). All your hair is cut above shoulder length in choppy layers but the undermost layer is left alone so that it is at or longer than shoulder-length. Blonde looks good here too.

  • Hmm, do you mean like a scene punk or a mowawk punk? Cuz scene hair is really pretty but punk hair just looks skanky. A blonde hair w/ pink lowlights looks really cute! search 'scene girl' on to see what i mean.

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    punk haircut? lmfao. when is all this torture going to finally end.....

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    i hate punks go for something glamorous!duh!

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