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Will I ever get facial hair?

Hi, I'm 18 years old next month, and lately I've noticed some hair growing on my face, but very thin and light ( known as peach fuzz I guess? some of the hairs are darker and longer then others ) I want to let it grow out, but it grows to thin, so I end up shaving it off. I dont want peach fuzz all over my face. By the way, my dad has alot of facial hair. the past 2 or 3 months he's actually been letting it grow out, but before that as I was growing up with him.. he always had a really stubby face and has to shave every day. So, I'm just wondering if my facial hair is coming in or if I'll even get it?


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    Everyone's chemistry is different so I can't tell you when you'll get facial hair. It sounds like you have some growing so it's a start. Also shaving doesn't make it grow back thicker Mythbusters busted that one shaving just gives it the illusion of coming in thicker. It sounds stupid but the only thing youc an do is grow up.

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    Dude, eventually you'll get it. Your dad is a very accurate picture of what you can look forward to haha. But whatever you do don't let it grow out. I had a year when i wanted to grow out a goatee but when i did it was very full, well i wouldn't shave during the week and then shave friday. Eventually it would grow in thicker and fuller, just keep shaving. Let it grow for a couple days and take it off.

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    Just keep shaving. It grows in thicker every time you shave but, since you are still very young you may need to shave 50 to 60 times over a 3 month period of time before you will see any difference. Be patient it will happen. I'm 50 and it only takes one day for me to get "sandpaper" face.

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    My Brother inlaw has bumm fluuf till he was in his late 20's and now it's thick and culry.

    The trick is to keep shaving it. The more you shave the thicker it grows back :)

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    My brother wanted his facial hair to grow already.Same thing his would grow real light, but he kept shaving it and next thing you he has lots of it ; )

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    it does not to my awareness only fall off. in spite of the fact that, it could bypass away whilst the hormones on your physique change over to bigger concentrations of estrogen then they're at appropriate now. it is why some older women human beings have it too...whilst they attain menopause, their bodies do not produce sufficient of the girl hormones so the male hormones (testosterone) grow to be greater commonplace. when you consider which you're only hitting the puberty age, it could take a whilst to your physique's hormone equipment to alter itself, then it may bypass away. of direction if not, you are able to consistently get waxes or electrolysis to shield the situation.

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