Name this 1992 Irish Band?

I visited Ireland in 1992 and everyone was listing to the music of a group of younger men, Irish natives, and I'd bought the tape. They were handsome fellas, and I believe the album cover was a photo of them. Everyone in Ireland was like, "Oh, you haven't heard of them? You've got to get their album!" so I did.

It was rock/alternative type music.

Now I don't have the tape anymore but would love to remember their name, as I spent a whole summer listening to that tape!

Apparently, they were HUGE in Ireland during that time, but the online Irish charts don't go back that for so I need someone who actually remembers to help me out with their name.


Was Neither Hothouse Flowers or Flogging Molly - but thanks so much for trying! And no, it's not U2. :-) The group I'm looking for never made it as far as the US, as I understand it they were an Irish hit and pretty much unknown everywhere else.

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    Could be The Hothouse Flowers

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    I searched through the number ones in 1992 on, and Erasure seemed to be no. 1 for a lot of the summer. They don't fit your description of the band though, and your band mightn't even have had a no.1 single. The Irish album charts for the 1990s don't seem to exist online. I can't find anything before 2003. Here is a list of Irish bands from wikipedia, maybe one of them will jog your memory:

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    Oh, I was hoping that you would tell me who they were. I would love to find out too!

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    That could be anyone - it could be U2 for all we know.

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  • 1 decade ago

    was it flogging molly?

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