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Which is a stronger pain medication?? oxycontin or percocet??

20mg of oxycontin


7.5mg of percocet

which will give stronger and more intense effects and more pain releif? i DO NOT abuse these drugs, i am ALLERGIC. im asking because alot of people get high of these pills. and i was wondering which medication at those doses given is more powerful?

i know oxycontin has the time release coating. but lets say one person took the percocet (7.5mg) and one person took the oxycontin (20mg).

who would be higher?

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    Oxy's are the best!!!

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    Oxycontin is a time released morphine. Doctors kind of prescribe this when the patient has used and built up a tolerance to everything else. Percs are kind of like 2nd in the line up. They are only a step above vicoden. Oxycontin is strong stuff and really addictive and pretty much only given to people who are going to be in pain for a REALLY long time or for the rest of their lives.

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    Oxycontin is similar to morphine as a painkiller, therefore it is stronger than percocet. Both addictive and should only be used as prescribed by a doctor for severe pain..don`t go there if thats what u have in mind.

  • The person tha took the 20 mg oxycontin. They are stronger than a 7.5

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    I was prescibed percoet when i lost my child to a miscarriage and i tell you what it really got me high. i took it a couple of weeks ago and had an allergic reaction. My guess is it just depends on the dosage and duh of course whats in it. but i say percocet is way stronger

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    Survey says.....


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    No way to tell who would be "higher" and YOU used that word, not me. If you are messing with narcotics to get high>>>>you are only on the road to HELL! If you have to ask this question, you are messing with things that you are clueless about. Find a different outlet for your "highs" or they'll soon all be "lows".

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    oxy's stronger , dont use these drugs though, there bad, very addictive

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