Unable to speak?

I haven't told the doctors this, which I should have twenty years ago when I was examined for recurring seizures. There were times that I just lost my voice and unable to speak. Like my throat was paralyzed or something like it's dry.... I just can't seem to speak. I was sure there wasn't any panicky feeling that came with it. I couldn't even whimper. It only lasted less than a minute. And it suddenly stopped after a year or two. I was like twelve or thirteen way back then. Any idea what could've caused it? I was declared "disease-free" when my medical results came out.


Thanks for answering, rocksy. I just found out the answer. It was some sort of a partial seizure localized in my throat area as it was the one that was affected the most.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It does sound like panick/anxiety attacks to me...but what do i know, i'm no Doctor..just a lawyer.

    But glad u'r feeling better though.

    So when were u declared disease free....back then....or now?

    (just a little question of my own...dont mind me)

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