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i have a con air straightner and but i want to make my hair curly?

how can i do it well this is my straightner

and how could it stay like that (curls)

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    I must say that I am the queen of hair straightening!!! You can also use it as a curling iron by simply twirling your hair into it, just as you would a regular curling iron. The problem is, I don't know how long it will hold the depends on your hair type. Maybe hairspray might help. My straightener is the ceramic plated one, a little pricey, but it has been the the best straightener that I've had thus far!!!!It is also the only straightener that has kept my hair from frizzing in humidity!

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    How to Curl Your Hair With a Hair Straightener

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    My hair is fantastic curly too. I've determined If you straiten it daily it relatively damages it (I discovered that the rough manner) it took me over a 12 months to develop my hair again after immoderate harm. Now I loosen up my hair (and I'm white) and it utterly kills the frizz at the side of curls, although its nonetheless no longer utterly strait. After I bought my hair secure even though, straitening with any straitner is such a lot less complicated and the harm it leaves for your hair is such a lot much less.

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    straightners are for straightning.. not curling

    you can sort if curl you hair but it will be tricky and not look all that great... try doing it by doing this-

    start with the straightner near your scalp and as you pull down, twist the straightner as you are pulling down....... it might work, but prob not that well

    that is what curling irons are for... get a ceramic curling iron

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