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Setting Float Level - Carb?

Can someone give me a general guide on setting the float level for a carburetor? The little cork gasket was bad for the top screw, for adjusting the float level, and ever since I replaced I think I completely messed up my float level. So do you take fuel bowl off to change it or what? I know you can change it w/ that screw and nut on top of the fuel bowl, but I don't really understand how it works.

I am 19 and just started learning about carbs so please bear w/ my car illiteracy terms. :-)

The car is an 81 Crown Vic, and I have a Holley 2300. (2bbl)

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    On the side of the float bowl about halfway up there should be a small screw (sight plug) with a gasket under it. The screw blocks off a hole into the float bowl. The fuel level should be just below the screw hole. If you take the screw out and no fuel runs out the hole (have some rags underneath just in case!), crank the car and adjust the large nut on top until the fuel level just gets even with the "sight plug" screw on the side. The adjustment is made by loosening the small screw on top of the adjuster, and then turning the large nut. I think if you turn the nut clockwise, the fuel level gets higher. Tighten the small adjuster screw back down when you're done.

    Some of the 2300's have a clear sight plug instead of the screw.

    Some of the 2300's are rumored to not have a sight plug.

    Be careful with the adjustment as it is a fire hazard.

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    To adjust the float level there is normally a little tang at the top of the float, and a rubber tipped needle valve rests on that tang.

    I know on the Rochester Quadra-Jet you had to invert the top of the carb where the float was attached, place the needle valve in its seat and bend the tang until the float rested level while the tang was in contact with the needle valve.

    You had to place the top of the carb on a level work bench, level the top of the carb as best you could then level the float.

    I think the Holley Carb that you have is done the same way.

    If the carb is a Motorcraft Carb, you better check with your local Ford Dealership Parts House for the correct procedure.

    Sorry I could not help you better. But I hope the information I did give you was of some help.

    Good Luck

    Source(s): General Motors Service Parts Pro
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