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Girls, do you act all pretty and nice to get something you want?

lots of girls i know try to use what i call the "puppy face" strategy. in order to have a guy do something for her, a girl acts all sweet and pretty. i dont understand why my guy friends fall for it, ALL THE TIME. i am the only one that doesn't fall for this stupid crap. many girls call me mean because i don't get subdued. it's like they expect me to do a favor for them when i don't need to. girls do you always use this trick? does it work all the time? it only seems to work with guys.. i don't know why i don't fall for it like the rest

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    Nope not me.. Theres alot girls r like that... bunch of fakes girls acting like dat!

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    of course... that's like the warning sign we give to guys... it's either you do it for us, or we take out our sharpened well-manicured claws mwahahahhaha... [lol]

    j/k. My man doesn't always fall for it either, but it's ok. I'd rather be with someone who thinks for themselves and not be all slave-like the whole time. It saves all of us a lot of bullcrap. But when it comes to situations where I really REALLY wanted something, I can't help but try it out. Just call it a last minute act of desperation.

    teehee. =P



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    i do that for things that i wouldnt mind doing myself, just like throwing something in the bin or getting something for me. im an immatue teenager though, so i dont know if that counts. i dont do it to make guys do things that would hurt them though.

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    i used to when i was a teenager and it worked!

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    i dont use it but if he likes me and doesnt want me to have to wait wtf ill jump to the frount k i dont try but life happens

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