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I want to write some poetry, give me one or more topics?

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    Its easiest to write about pain but I prefer the humorous twists in my poetry. Dry sarcasm is probably more common among todays poetry but gimmie a good description of a single act with a flowing detailed verse that embodies it and I dig it.

    Even the simple death poems (actually haiku's) in the book Shogun are so full of meaning and they are no more than 5 lines. Subject isn't as important to me as content. Physical description is too obvious but if it tells why something is or how it is that is poetry and that is also one of the reasons why I haven't written any in a long time. You almost need candlelight to open the philosopher or poetic mind. Something about a flame that opens the mind...(That doesn't mean set yourself on fire for another video though lol)

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    Best thing in poetry is always go with what you know and the experience you have had. Love is always a good topic in poetry but so is rough times that you or a friend has maybe been through! Good luck!

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    Life in general or beauty, the reason I say beauty is because it can be found almost anywhere you look and as a poet you'll understand what I am saying, sometimes you will find the most intriguing object in the most unusual of places. Be open to anything and everything and you will have your topic (which you are passionate about ) in no time at all................ Enjoy and I hope you write some wonderful stuff..........................

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    write about an experience you don't want to share with anyone else, either because it's so happy you feel like an idiot or it's sad and personal. those poems always turn out the best. write it like you're not going to share the poem with anybody, that way it'll have the most feeling in it. i recently wrote a poem about breaking up with my boyfriend, and it's one of the best i've ever written, lol.

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    Write about what you know. If it comes from the heart it is the best you could possibly do. You will be more passionate about and motivated by your own experiences or thoughts, dreams or goals.

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    One sided love, nature write something real true which u see daily or experience put ur thoughts in wrds n i am sure ur gonna do a great job.

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    Please step away from the blank page, and get out and do something... Let go of it... It will come to you, and it will be much better than anything you could sit around and rack your brains over.

    Don't force the Muse.

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    Cooking breakfast

    Being hunted by lions

    That girl whose eyes you can't look into

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    write what you see.

    at work,

    at home,

    at the park,


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