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Is it weird to always wonder if this is the last conversation you were going to have with somebody?

More specifically what if they die and the last thing you said wasn't pleasant. I always think that way.

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    I believe you should treat every conversation like the last one you will ever have with the people you truly care about. Try not to end things on a bad note and never go to bed angry. You never know what can happen tomorrow.

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    Yeah and No.

    It can be.

    It depends how well you know the person.

    If you have a REALLY bad argument with your partner, and they stormed out and got hit by a car and was killed instantly, It wouldn't be your fault, but you would be left thinking, why didn't I think when I was talking? If i had known that was my last conversation with them, would it be totally different?

    Well that's my opinion anyways!

  • ajal
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    thats a bit too black but sure if you wanna keep your last words to somebody positive for the day then nothing wrong with it but to always think about Death is gonna hold you back sooner orlater so try to focus MORE on now and today....but hey if the last thing you said was unpleasant they wont remember so it wont matter....

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    That's so weird, I used to do a similar thing!

    Most people deal with the issue of death by living in denial of it. I've concluded that that's basically what you have to do: give yourself permission to forget about death or else you can't enjoy life.

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    I think this way A LOT it really is bothersome. Mostly every time I have a phone conversation with someone this is what I think right before we hang up.

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    I wouldnt say it's normal,but it's a good mindset to have! That way you'll make sure you leave people you care about with a kind word...

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    It sounds like you are saying, more or less, "If you can't say

    anything good about someone, don't say anything at all." I

    don't think there's anything wrong with that. You just needed

    to rephrase it.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Then always say nice things.

  • 1 decade ago

    stop imagining lot many things.but bt the same time be polite to all .it pays

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