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Is George Bush a real american hero?

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    Nope. A real American idiot. I can't even stand to watch him on television. He just sits there with that blank stare and that stupid look. He looks like he is either going to bust out laughing or he is hoping he can read the next words that are about to appear on the tele-prompter. For me not watching a Presidential speech is strange too since I have watched every single prime time debate, SOTU Address, and special presentations since the 1992 elections. I just can't sit there anymore knowing that this moron has duped the American public so badly and he expects us to believe him now.

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    Hardly. He's nothing more than an appeaser. And a poor one at that. He's done several things wrong regarding this war. He's trying to satisfy illegal immigrants by supporting the amnesty bill. He has turned his back on our soldiers. He has turned his backs on our border patrol agents. What kind of hero does that? The more he tries to make everyone happy, the more people dislike him.

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    To the blood thirsty and terrorists yes he is a hero to people of humanity he is the worst American presidents in this millennium. I hope and pray America does not elect another one like him.

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    I don't think Mr. AWOL and Chickenhawk, himself, would ever be considered a real American hero by most people's standards. If he grabs a gun and fights along side the soldiers he deployed, I might actually consider it.........but right now, all I see is that war is OK as long is that it is not him and his family that are suffering for it or making any sort of personal sacrifice.

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    (The laugh is NOT for the above answer)



    Bush is a 'hero' to those in the United States who have swallowed his claims to fame for several years now.

    oh and by the way,

    How can he be am "american hero" anyway when he certainly is NOT representing the South American countries nor Canada which is also in North America...

    We are a small country. Powerful? to an extent.

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    I relish your serving our united states of america interior the Marines, fairly throughout the time of Nam. i think the vets from that conflict did no longer get a straightforward shake once you got here domicile. Our united states of america owes you lots gratitude. i desire we discovered from our blunders and do suitable by ability of on the instant's provider adult males and females human beings. I too seen the militia provider checklist of a president that announces of himself "i'm a conflict President ... that's what i'm." You strengthen a valid factor. Conservatives, Liberals, Moderates and Independents have one element in person-friendly. the recommendations we made or did no longer make and supported or did no longer help, would be judged hindsight by ability of destiny generations. i desire to artwork to make a distinction for the sake of my infants and our united states of america. each and every so often this is not person-friendly to place aside our variations as quickly as we sense a loss of understand for somebody. yet thinking like a collection ability we are in a position to artwork in the direction of recommendations. no longer all of us on the gang is going to be the cream of the crop or on the perfect of the interest ... meaning some ought to attempt tougher to make it artwork. that's what's so super approximately being in a Democracy. all of us get to %. all of us get to take part. there'll continually be people who do no longer pay their dues. It does no longer mean we end soliciting for accountibility. We purely try tougher. regardless of if he wasn't your "cheerleader" of decision ;) ... do no longer enable it get you down. thank you back.

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    Absolutely. The work he has done to ensure a Dem congress and president in 2008 that will actually change America for the better should never be forgotten.

    God Bless you Dubya!

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    GWB is a real American for sure... as for being a hero, history will be the judge of that.

    Have a right-wing day!

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    Fifty years from now, quite possibly.

    There was a time when the purchase of Alaska was viewed by Americans as "Fulton's folly".

    Over time, the history books might label him the hero of 911.

    For the time being, the jury is out.

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    Look at the link for indisputable proof!

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