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Ladies...have you ever broken up with a guy because of this?

Ladies, have you ever broken up with a guy because he just wasn't cutting it in bed? Whether you TOLD the guy thats why you were breaking up with him or not...have you ever broken up with a guy because of that?


or because his dick wasnt big enough? falls under the same category i suppose.

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    I haven't, but my coworker Kerry has. She was dating a guy that she was really starting to like. When they finally got "intimate" for the first time, she said his penis was the size of a 5-year-old's... she said she felt like she was doing something illegal. It kind of ruined the whole thing, so she broke up with him.

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    No, I haven't. That doesn't mean I haven't had issues with my man in the bedroom, however. I have been lucky enough to date guys who are willing to please, and ask me to tell them how to do things better, or if they are doing something 'wrong'. This is where I tell them how they could make it better. If they don't ask, I tend to speak up about it. In the future, I wouldn't break up with a man unless he was totally unwilling to try or change anything in the bedroom after I mentioned it, not just because he wasn't 'cutting it'.

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    i've got in no way executed that, yet i'd think of if it truly is a persistent element, this is probable through her hormones fluctuating throughout the time of that factor. this is hard to appreciate for her and consequently, she truly won't be in a position to describe it to you. %. your battles and take a examine out to make her delicate. If it truly is a huge concern, and this "wreck up" occurs each and each month, i'd pass see a doctor approximately it. there's a clean finding PMDD that's a premenstrual disease. it would desire to be nicely worth finding into. Now, out of your attitude, do you like being "yanked" around like this? Is it a healthful relationship? you ought to do what's suitable for you. take it sluggish to truly think of roughly what you choose.

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    YES! Not only was he bad in bed, but he THOUGHT he was good and would brag about how he was a good lover. Eventually I told him that a lot of women lie and fake it! He kept going back to old habits even when I told him what I liked. He also annoyed me b/c he was too touchy feely until we had sex. Ew! I thought he was old enough not to act like a 15 yr old boy!

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    Having a good sexual relationship is a plus. But just because he isn't very good, doesnt mean he cant get better. Give him some tips by you showing him the way that you like it. If he knows what you like, it will only get better from there!

    All The Best!

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    no. i have never broken up with someone for that reason because there are many other ways that a man can satisfy a woman and besides it's not all about sex. whether large or small they will all shrivel and be of no use someday anyway.

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    I must tell you that the size of it is really not an object for you to reach a climax, he is not skilled enough in that area, so you just need to guide him and tell him what you want, but it's all in the head!! If you have made up your mind that you don't find him sexy, then that's that!!

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    As much as I wish I could still believe what the many posters on here would like to portray (that everyone in the world should treat others as they would like to be treated,) this is rarely the case, just take a look at society and you can easily see that. -- This is long, enjoy the book...

    I do agree with the other posters in that men can be trained to do a better job in bed, personally I believe every man and woman that has any kind of long lasting relationship trains their partner, even if it was great at first. Everyone has their own quirks and it it takes time and "training" to learn those things. I also agree that size is not the be all and end all of having good sex for most folks.

    However, there are a number of factors that make it Okay, in my opinion, to break up with someone over bad sex. I believe one of the other posters touched on bad sex being a major source of break ups and divorces, but I'd like to explain the reason WHY I believe it is a major factor because it is not quite as shallow as one might assume.

    While I know it is not a guys fault that he's small, but neither is it the womans fault. It is not fair to demand that she sacrifice anything simply because "he" got the short end of the stick. I just think that it is time for people to take responsibility for their own faults. I just do not think that "others" should suffer because of anyone else's problem. I am not saying that if the sex is bad you should just give up, I am just saying that it "IS" a factor in the continuation of a relationship and I do not feel that someone should be called nasty names if they decide to break up with someone over it.

    First you have to realize that there are some people who will not be trained or cannot be trained. No matter how much you try to tell them what you want they are going to do it their way, even if that doesn't please you. In some cases, no matter how hard they try they are not going to be able to please you either.

    My ex-husband was in this category, I never had a single orgasm with him even though we were together for almost 11 years and we had two children together. To be totally honest, I had assumed that I was one of those folks that doesn't get there easily and I gave up on ever having one. The reality for me was that my ex wasn't the right shape and he wasn't doing it right for "me."

    On the other hand, my fiancé is not only smaller then my ex was but he is also less experienced. Yet he has no problem with giving me an orgasm, in fact he can almost do so at will. As odd as it may sound, I am on quite friendly terms with his ex-wife and we have "compared notes" so to speak; she did not have the same experience in bed with him as I do. Best I can figure out, my fiancé's shape and technique are a very good match for me. I think the physical aspects play a big role and there is nothing good intentions can ever do to solve that problem when it exists.

    The second factor, is time and effort, perhaps a bit shallow, but why should someone, and this goes for men and women, settle for a less then average sex life or commit to a retraining effort when there are so many choices out there, even more so if the future of the relationship is questionable.

    Is it really any different then not dating someone because they are a verbally abusive or a jerk? A verbally abusive jerk could "learn" to stop acting that way, yet no one is expected to put up with that. What makes sex different? The brutal truth is that in every aspect of a relationship, sex or otherwise, one should weigh the pros and cons before they decide to put in the effort to continue a relationship or make things work.

    If the sex is horrible, I think one has an obligation to them-self to make sure that the pros can overcome that con. Honestly, if you are in a new relationship then there are usually not enough "pros" to justify the level of commitment and effort you have to put into getting over that kind of hurdle. What if he's not only bad in bed, but a jerk, or maybe he doesn't want to get married or have kids and she does; is it REALLY worth the effort?

    I think a lot of well intentioned people get stuck in a rainbow world were everyone deserves a second chance and kindness is always repaid, and they fail to realize that life is not always fair and is not always just. I also think that people are quick to judge when they have no basis, no experience to stand on. In my experience, being in a sexless marriage would have been preferable to my bad sex marriage. I suffered through it for the kids, for love, but there was suffering on many levels.

    The feelings ranged from feeling like I was unable to be satisfied or that something was wrong with me, to feeling like my partner didn't care enough to try even when he did. There was also a long period when I felt that I was "missing" something in our relationship. If these kinds of feelings were "intentionally" caused it would be labeled as "abuse" and posters would advise kicking em to the curb. Simply because they are "unintentionally" caused, does not make it "shallow" to leave the relationship over it.

    As a note - no, my ex-husband and I did not divorce because of the bad sex. We actually divorced because he fell in love with another woman. That's a different story though.

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    despite what all the liars say on this board, a bad sex life is a huge reason for divorces/breakups, both from the male & female side.

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    no i have not. wow a girl like isnt worth being with man. she needs to learn a lesson from that and she'll learn it the hard way.

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