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'How To' Ideas for Homework Please?

okay so, for our english homework we have to make cards for the people who are coming to our highschool next yar for their 'first year of highschool survival guide'. can someone give me some ideas?

here are some examples..

how to wag

how to keep on your teacher's good side

how to avoid getting bullied,

how to make new friends

homework excuses

how to pass notes without getting caught

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    1. How to avoid procrastination

    2. How to study for exams

    3. How to take notes

    4. How to use the locker combination lock

    5. How to respect others

    6. How to give a presentation

    7. How to avoid traffic

    8. How to be the class clown

    9. How to ask for help

    10. How to start your own club

    11. How to find your classes

    12. How to become popular

    13. How to dress fashionably

    14. How to ditch class

    15. How to copy other people's papers

    16. How to organize

    17. How to complete projects in time

    18. How to be a group leader

    19. How to find your sweetheart

    20. How to have a good time in high school while making it memorable

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    How to pass school

    How to barely get into trouble (for the trouble makers)

    How to smoke in school and not get caught (jkjk)

    How to Dress good

    How to not be a 'nerd'

    How to make friends

    How to get popular

    How to act around peoples

    thats all i can think of.

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    How to be your teacher's pet

    How to chill with your upperclassmen

    How to get a date with your senior hottie!

    How to find a good spot for lunch

    How to cram in homework the period before it's due

    How to bs your hw and yet receive a good grade for it

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    how to locate the nearest exit incase of fire/emergency

    how to keep the friends you have and still make new friends

    how to handle peer pressure

    how to say NO

    how to juggle a part-time job and still get good grades

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    how to write how to guides

    how to be diligent and efficient

    how to display moral character

    how to resist peer pressure

    how to drop mentos in diet pepsi and cause booms

    how to trick pigeons into eating alkaseltzer/rice

    how to study well

    how to avoid trouble

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    how to get an appointment with your academic counselor

    how to make changes to your schedule

    how to find out about clubs

    how to enter the race for class officers

    how to find out about sports

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    how to adjust to a new school

    how to get to class on time

    how to get ahead

    how to pass your classes (lol)

    how to get involved in activities

    how to make the most of your highschool years

    how to skip class (lol)

    how to get all your credits

    how to graduate

    how to make honor roll


    that's all i got :) hope it helps

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