How much money do web designers make in the us per year?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Web designers can make everything from almost nothing to way too much.

    Webdesign is not that hard, a trained monkey can do it and from the look of some websites, they use untrained monkeys. For this reaon the rate can be quite low.

    However, as websites make big bucks for companies they often try and use highly professional services so the salaries can be fairly good.

    A lot of web design is done now by people who are also responsible for the content.

    It is not like the old days where if you knew only a little they would back the truck up to your door and tip the dollars in until you agreed to do their page.

    But like graphic design, working from home on your business, you can make good hourly rates, work long hours, then have plenty of time to play until the next contract.

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