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Has anyone in the Military Attended Anger-management classes?

When my hubby gets back from Iraq he has to go to AM,and he also has to go right when he goes on leave,so its going to take some time from our time which sucks,but i was wondering if anyone knows anything about AM.Are the classes available on base?,and how many times do you have to go?.Thanx can't know anything till he gets back,but i want an idea.Thanx again=)

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    Most posts will have the classes through mental health practices/services. If he is being ordered in or the classes are mandatory as part of his inprocessing after his return from Iraq (and I am happy he is coming home) he will be given priority in the base clinic and may even be given a list of appointments to be at. Aside from that, it may depend on several issues...what the orders were, the reasons, how the program itself is run. He will find all that out when he gets back.

    It does suck that this will take away some time from being together. But it is important that he be given a chance to decompress and work through his feelings with others who have been there. As many spouses have discovered, loving and supporting our military men doesn't always mean we can begin to understand what they have been through. Working with others who have been there is a great way to process all those emotions.

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    It depends a lot on why he has to go. There should be meetings on base, if not then in the local community. The long term benifits outweigh any short-term infringment on your time together. There is usually a good reason for referal and when he is ready he can explain it to you.

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    This website has a list of anger management classes he can choose from. Most classes are in the comnunity.

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    I think they are doing it as a sort of decompression from war to home. I know a few other people who are going through it.

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    usually that tends to happen after you back from being deployed, some people even get sent to psychiatric wards! it all depends on how you act when you get back from War!

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    yes there are classes on base unless he is seeing a specialist off post.

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    No,Not Currently, Nay !

    Source(s): Renewals Procedures may be requires.
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    look up your local v.a. regional office or call 18008271000

    and get info from them. good luck.

    Source(s): ex army
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